​Rejection lost….We won!

I have to laugh before I type out this post because the enemy truly tried it. 
My family for a few months went through one of the toughest three or four months since I met my husband almost 13 years ago. My husband got laid off after 10 years. 
Although it was tough money wise, it brought our family closer.  The relationship between my husband & I  heightened. We worshipped together & spent countless hours growing more together as husband & wife & as parents.  
Fast forward to this week; I was praying & believing God to bless my husband with a job & guess what, He did just that. I woke up one morning to him preparing to get ready for work. Although I was very happy that our financial state would be better, I had mixed feelings. I was or should I say that I am extremely excited for him to be working again & especially in the field that he was previously working in I was also fearful. I know you are probably wondering why was I fearful now because of course two incomes are better than one..well, see rejection comes in all matters or at least it attempts to. The enemy attempted to sow a seed that things in our marriage & family would change especially due to the fact that he has to work on some Sundays. He had me feeling that I would feel as I once did married but single because we hardly had time to spend together. I quickly denounced the very words of the enemy & realized that what God had shifted in my home was permanent & no devil in hell could change that. Our marriage didn’t have to change because he went back to work, we didn’t have to stop worshipping together…why because the season in our lives had shifted & in that shift the spirit of rejection could not win!


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