The thoughts from Rejection

The thoughts from Rejection..

Have you ever come up with a great idea & before you share it with anyone, you already prepare yourself for the answer to be NO? In fear od being rejected, you just don’t share the idea.

Rejection comes in all forms. It can be from a person or it can also be in your mind. We have to be careful of the voices that we entertain in our heads & ensure that we only listen to & obey the voice of God.

See, the seed of rejection will have you thinking that because you were ever rejected that nothing that you do is good enough. It will have you doubting that you can accomplish even the simplest of things.
We can’t allow the things of our past to continue to hold us hostage because who the son sets free is free indeed. We have to truly release the seed & when that feeling tries to resurface, we can’t afford to entertain it. We must quickly shut it down.
Freedom is refreshing…we must get free & remain free from rejection even in our mind & in our thoughts.

What idea have you abandoned because you were prepared for a NO? Ask God to first forgive you & then find out if it is too late…if not too late go back & conquer what God has given you to do!


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