Rejection rears it’s ugly head…again 

It’s amazing how you through the healing process & you see something & it triggers the very thing that you thought was no longer going to be an issue for you. It almost makes you question whether you are truly delivered. 

No matter where the rejection stems from, the adversary will always attempt to use it in other areas of your life. I plan to eventually tell you the root cause of it. One morning on my way to church I saw a simple comment from one of my friends & when I read it, it seemed to hit me in the chest & the enemy immediately tried to tell me that because of that comment she was not my friend. I immediately told the devil to shut up (yea, we can talk to him, because ol dude talk to us). 

It was in that moment that God caused me to see that although you have been healed from past hurt that it will still attempt to rear it’s ugly head in an attempt to cause you to revert back to who you once were and/or cause you to react the way you may have once reacted. 

I’ve grown to realize that everything that we go and grow through has a purpose. We know that all things work together for the good of them who love God and are called according to His purpose..Romans 8:28. Although we don’t always understand why God allows certain things to happen to us, we have to keep in mind that He only allows things that will “make” us better to happen in our lives. 
Today, I can say I passed that test & immediately shut the mouth of the enemy and didn’t allow my past to hold me hostage & to continue to make me feel as if I’m not wanted, not loved, & not appreciated. God has blessed me with family & a great circle of friends & sisters who love me & even when I attempt to push them away because I don’t want to be hurt they draw closer to me & I know that is God using them to show me just how much He loves me & how much greater my purpose is on earth. 


6 thoughts on “Rejection rears it’s ugly head…again 

  1. There is NOTHING that can hold you hostage when your past cant keep you bound. Cant wait to hear more of your story bc I know this is only a SMALL piece of the iceberg. Very inspiring to many that deals with rejection on a daily basis. God loves you soo much and so do I. Continue to share your transparency to help other so they too can be free from the past and rejection and know they are loved.

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  2. My God!! When I tell you this has blessed my socks off. I recently started tackling rejection it showed me how I would convert back to the old me to handle the situation and put up a shield so I don’t feel or deal with the rejection. Not telling the enemy to shut up. I looked at as fighting back but now I see I did just what he wanted me to do. React and shutdown “Good God Almighty”!! HE HAS ALREADY BEEN DEFEATED I HAVE TO SHUT HIM DOWN. PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS LOVE THANKS FOR SHARING.

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